Artist Biography


This was written for a showing at Museum on Main in Pleasanton, California November 2010 – February 2011 and amended for the Merchant Arts downtown Artwalk & Website in 3 themes (Calligraphy & Illustration, Calligraphy: Stationary & Statement, and The Babies of Pleasanton).

Born in Los Angeles

BS Applied Mathematics & Scientific Programming, UC San Diego

Minor Classical Studies (Ancient Greek & Roman Culture & Language)

Minor Classical Music Theory & Performance

Certificate in Marketing, UC Berkeley

Moved to Pleasanton in 1994 after getting lost on the freeway and discovering downtown; happily married with two sons

I have always loved letters and words.  I love to read and to write, an internal, cerebral pleasure. Writing visually beautifully is another quest altogether - bringing the meaning of the language into the light, enhancing it visually to provoke a new response – another layer of communication.  Writing something beautifully calls attention to its existence, raising it in importance.  A proud announcement or notable invitation becomes a keepsake, a treasured reminder of a special event.

I’ve spent years in calligraphy classes, learning the authentic tools and practices thereof.  I respect the classic; in fact nothing inspires me more than the highly illuminated and embellished pages of a precious 800-year-old biblical text, pages that were designed to inspire and promote thought.  I thought about the artistic challenge of the mythical ambigrams (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) from Dan Brown’s book, Angels & Demons for months.  I’d been a purist for years, just an inkwell, pen and parchment for me.  It took the practical reality of reproduction to get me thinking outside the box.  When I’d shopped for birth announcements 14 years ago, I was amazed there wasn’t anything unique, just recognizable font after font.  Contracted calligraphy by hand was rare and turned out to be three times my budget.  I resolved to print my own, and did to great effect, but, there were some barely-surmountable (and well-camouflaged) obstacles that needed addressing, and the solution involved technology.

When a calligraphy pen accessory was developed for use with the large Wacom graphics tablet and sophisticated software, I found my answer albeit dragging my heels.  That soon changed as the myriad of possibilities presented themselves.  I can truly say my later work is equal parts art and science, and for that I love it even more.  It is the perfect system of classic and current, an Old World delicacy with sleek modern details and longevity.

I approach each project from the point of view of the honoree.  Taking into account each person’s heritage, traditions, interests and/or event details such as theme and color makes a piece of unique personality - as it should be.  Loved ones and new friends will delight in the recognizing the personal nature of the communication.  And the job is done – communication producing excitement and anticipation. 

I do all sorts of calligraphy and design, but birth announcements are my favorite. It is a joy to do a hand delivery to a new mother, seeing her happiness in her proud announcement. And of course, seeing that precious new life.